New Communication Proceses

The interpretation and the study of the effects produced by communication, either on society and on the behaviours of the individuals, identify experience as the main factor that influences the behaviour.
Marketing and commercial communication always have had the influence on the consumer’s choices and behaviour as key point.
However, traditional communication is going towards a saturation point, and that is why Brand Experience is an essential instrument, which allows the industry to reach the client’s attention.
Our modern approaches focus way beyond the performance of products and services.Actually, they analyse the choices of consumption from a rational and emotional viewpoint.

Brand Experience

In relation to the brand or to the product, the consumer is purchasing and living, above all, an experience, therefore the Brand Experience must be designed in such a strategic way, in order to lead with coherence towards the brand promise of the industry, maintaining its value and integrity. It is the experience itself that, as a marketing instrument, must be able to intensify the relationship between the brand, the product and the consumers. All of this is possible thanks to the new technologies that are available on the market. Actually, it is the VR (virtual reality) the means by which our products are benefitted from. Therefore, the client could live experiences that make them appreciate the design of a product, enjoy a space, an architecture or simply thrill with creativity.

Virtual Reality Power

The virtual reality provides an immersive experience and carries the user into new and unlimited simultaneous realities. A tridimensional place, entirely built with computerised graphic, rendered in real time, giving the user the opportunity to explore, interact, learn and live an artistic, multi-sensory experience.
The combination of innovative softwares and new generation hardwares allows the interactive exploration of locations, places and spaces of whichever nature, starting full sensorial experiences that mix together the informative aspect with the ludic dimension.
This technology (real time rendering), which was born for the gaming, finds place in, and can be applied to multiple areas and settings, such as architecture, interactive simulations, interior design, industrial proceses and products, tourism, historical enhancement, museum installation,e-commerce, cinema and so forth. Everything becomes possible. There is no limit whatsoever.

Travel in Space and Time

This technology  allows people to explore products that do not exist yet, or that are not easily reachable. In the design area, the VR technology, together with the Brand Experience, can be advantageous as it carries the user into a virtual room or “showroom”, allowing them to move and observe every component of the room itself, until they reach an actual interaction with the components. In the same way, it can be used to bring the product, or the products, directly by the client, just as to have a showroom in a bag, reducing costs and logistical problems.
Its versatility allows to provide with highly personalised solutions, making the experience accessible for various fields of application.

VR - Meeting Room

We offer you a useful service for meetings, courses and corporate reunions organisations remotely, in which users, even if physically distant, can talk, surf the internet, analyse and illustrate documents and their products in three-dimensional format, within a Virtual environment.
In particular, our company will take care of the predisposition and creation of environments and/or products according to the specific needs of the customer.
Access is allowed trough VR (Oculus, HTC Vive) or PC.
Work smart, work Virtual.

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Rental of predefined rooms

Personalization of rooms according to specific customer needs

VR - Real Time Experience

Through this approach, focused on the sale of company’s products characterized by high graphic quality, it is possible to bring the user inside a space where he can move freely and interact in real time with the environment and animables objects / products that surround it, providing input and receiving output.
This is possible through the construction / reconstruction, programming of environments, models (objects) and company’s photo-realistic products, in 3D computer graphics.

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Have tools that facilitate the marketing and sales process by capturing the attention of potential customers.


Increase the visibility of your brand and differentiate yourself from competitors.


Abatement of problems and logistic costs through the insertion in a single device of a catalog of products (usable also for exhibition purposes).


Pre-production visualization allowing to visualize the product before its actual production.

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