Page creation and management

Facebook is one of the social media par excellence and more and more people use it at various times of everyday life.
We provide all the tools necessary to create, modify and improve your Facebook page, making it grow in style and giving it a commercial identity.

We act on:

  • Page
  • Settinsg ( integrating each type of setting and creating external links )
  • Connection buttons
  • Advertising insertions
  • Services
  • Shop window
  • Appointments
  • Offers
  • Graphics
  • Video
  • Post
  • Events


Page creation and management

Instagram is essential not only for established companies, but also for small emerging local companies: the thrust that can be had on this platform, from optimal profile management, is truly remarkable.
And that’s why we will take full care of your personal and corporate Instagram page, preparing it professionally for correct corporate communication.



Video is an essential tool for the success of your company.
Whatever your sector, we create exclusive videos tailored for you. With our Video Production service your company will have the light it deserves.

Tools used:

  • Camtasia 2019 ( Software )
  • Simple and complex transition effects
  • Video effects
  • Audio effects in video
  • Greenscreen
  • Plug-in
  • Colorize and blur of multi-screen video sections
  • More than 100 effects to edit your videos


We offer a 360° service on everything that is the world of Sound Production: tracks for video games, advertisements, videos, soundtracks, audio effects and any other you want.
We also take care of your old and new sounds: we can improve your sounds, or create new ones, following your wishes.

Tools used:

  • Cubase 10 ( Digital Audio Workstation )
  • Steinberg UR22mkII ( Sound Card )
  • Nocturn Novation 49 ( Midi Keyboard )
  • Creative 7.1 Dolby Surround + SubWoofer ( Audio System )
  • HalionSonic, GrooveAgent, Native Instruments, Komplete, Sylenth1 ( Music Plugin )
  • Creazione, registrazione, editing
  • Mix and Master
  • More than 65,000 sounds and 30,000 musical instruments

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